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Technology has been around since the beginning of time. It is literally the advancement of something, so when people started using rocks as tools it was technology. These days technology is a lot different then in the beginning, but the concept is still the same, we are advancing our abilities through the use of tools or machines.
Now we use machines to process, store, and take action on information. We want to input a word, image, or video and instantly get something back, such as clicks, likes, views, entertainment, or search results. The whole world is connected so it isn’t hard to find what you want in a matter of seconds these days.
This access provides an interesting dilemma for everyone, but especially for K12 educators and educational institutions. How do we provide the best education to these kids without giving them access to information that may harm them?  This is hard and a very fine line to walk, but here in Summersville we are taking steps necessary to ensure we stay on the right side of that line. This page is designed to give you resources and information to help the students, parents, and educators to make the best decisions they can for them. If you would like more information on a particular topic of concern please feel free to reach out and ask. Technology encompasses a huge field so it isn’t possible for one person to know it all. If it is something we are unfamiliar with we will research and get back to you as soon as possible.


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Technology Policy

Chromebook Policy

AI Use Policy

Meet the technology people

Nathaniel Karr

Technology Director
(417)932-4929 x2033
I have been with the district now for nearly 3 years and before that I worked in a small e-commerce business and in manufacturing before that. I have over a decade of IT experience, facing many of the challenges in the district before. I have a firm grasp on most things IT including hardware, software, programming, and policy deployment. I am very happy to be supporting the great staff and students of the Summersville School District.