Mrs. Priscilla Bradshaw has been the President of the Summersville PTO for a long time. As she steps down from that post now is the time to reflect and thank her for all of the things she has done for the school, students, parents, teachers, and community.

With Mrs. Bradshaw at the helm this organization has started doing a number of fundraisers through the year that not only brings in all of the money they need to accomplish the goals they have set forth for themselves, but also to buy school supplies for the elementary kids for the past two years. Some of these events also have a way of creating fun for the kids and allowing the parents to capture a fleeting moment with their children before they grow too big for such moments. These events include the father-daughter dance and of course the mother-son bingo. The online baskets are always a popular fundraiser that people get all the chance to bid on a wide range of goodies. My personal favorite though is the not fundraiser fundraiser where they send home a form and simply ask for donations rather than doing a fundraiser.

All of this hard work is done so that the PTO can give back to the students and teachers of the school district. Most of the money raised goes toward buying school supplies for the elementary aged kids, part of it though is used to show the teachers appreciation in the spring of the year.

Thank you Mrs. Bradshaw for your years of dedication and service to the Summersville School PTO.

Mrs. Pricilla Bradshaw posing for a photo while building a fundraising basket
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